admin on March 28th, 2012

She stood alone on the rooftop looking up at the night sky with tears that refused to fall; they had already been falling for too long. She asked Him, ‘God, do you still love me?’—She listened for an answer and didn’t hear anything. There was no sign sent from above, there was no message in [...]

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admin on October 14th, 2011

‎”I have nothing except my destitution To plead for me with You. And in my poverty I put forward that destitution as my plea. I have no power save to knock at Your door, And if I be turned away, at what door shall I knock? Or on whom shall I call, crying his name, [...]

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admin on September 26th, 2011

Based on a mixture of advices I got from very near and dear people, my hands hit the keyboard and this is what appeared: I asked him ‘What are the secrets to my heart’ He said, ‘guard it with all your might protect it from evil, protect it from sin remember nothings from you, its [...]

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admin on August 24th, 2011

“Come again, please, come again, Whoever you are. Religious, infidel, heretic or pagan. Even if you promised a hundred times And a hundred times you broke your promise, This door is not the door Of hopelessness and frustration. This door is open for everybody. Come, come as you are.”

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admin on August 21st, 2011

This being human is a guest-house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, Who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture. Still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing [...]

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admin on June 26th, 2011

One word defines it all. It is that moment in time when even breathing becomes difficult. Everything that once was, is not. And everything that will be, is unclear. It’s when your trust has been broken, your emotions shattered, and your mindset has become scattered. With each painful breath you know that if you take this [...]

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admin on June 21st, 2011

A lesson learned while watching Criminal Minds: One of the Characters, Dr. Reid (24 years old), in an effort to save others finds himself in a horribly painful position and ends up getting hurt himself, nearing death. Later he is unable to shake the memories of the pain that he went through only trying to [...]

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admin on May 9th, 2011

“All I seem to do is argue with myself” “That’s just your ego, trying to make sure it stays in charge. This is what your ego does. It keeps you feeling separate, keeps you with a sense of duality, tries to convince you that you’re flawed and broken and alone instead of whole.” “But how [...]

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admin on May 2nd, 2011

‘The life of a human is filled with many different types of battles. He is faced with many and various enemies. His success in those battles is closely tied to and directly related to the amount of patience he possesses. Patience, therefore, is the path to gain what one is aiming at. It is the [...]

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admin on April 25th, 2011

” Allah turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one. ” -Rumi

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