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We pray…every single day… at least five times a day…but what is prayer? If you could describe it…what would it be? I came across the most amazing description of prayer that will make you want to jump and do sajdah right after you read it! Allah has blessed us with the obligation of prayer. Sulaiman [...]

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admin on September 29th, 2009

Originally posted by me @ I remember when our restroom mirror was being replaced, my family decided to snatch mine, until a new one was bought. I didn’t really mind it at the time, I didn’t really use it that much…or so I thought. After they took it away, my life became a little…lopsided. [...]

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admin on June 13th, 2009

By Shaykh Ahmad Fareed The example of a servants hope in Allaah’s mercy and forgiveness can be likened to the hope of a farmer: If the farmer searches for fertile soil, then sows it with good and healthy seeds, giving to the seeds what they need at the appropriate time, removing from around them the weeds and [...]

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admin on June 7th, 2009

Allahu Akbar- Put it all behind you as you stand before your lord Allahu Akbar- He is the greatest concentrate and and I guarantee you’ll never get bored Bow your head in humility take it slow there is no rush fives times a day you ask for his mercy so on that day He’ll give [...]

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admin on December 31st, 2008

I’ve disappointed myself one too many times in my lifetime. Going for the gold, reaching half way, then giving up as if it nothing…as if it isn’t worth it. Each time I do this, I’m left staring at my pitiful reflection in the mirror saying “What the heck is my problem?” What is it that [...]

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admin on October 16th, 2008

  …..Some Words of Widom by Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimahullah)…..   Every Punishment from Him is pure justice and every blessing from Him is pure grace         Whoever desires everlasting bliss, let him adhere firmly to the threshold of servitude. Guidance is not attained except with knowledge and correct direction is not attained [...]

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admin on May 5th, 2008

As I contemplate the mercy of my Lord upon me, as I watch the flower bloom from a tiny speck of being, the water rush in the banks of the river, the rain fall in perfect droplets from above, I realize that the very ability to see, the blessing of sight, the power to return [...]

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admin on January 23rd, 2008

“The heart becomes sick, as the body becomes sick, and its remedy is al-Tawbah and protection [from transgression]. It becomes rusty as a mirror becomes rusty, and its clarity is obtained by remembrance. It becomes naked as the body becomes naked, and its beautification is at-Taqwa. It becomes hungry and thirsty as the body becomes [...]

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1- The slave of Allaah cannot actualize ‘You are the One that we worship’ except with two principles: one of them is following the Messenger and the second is having sincerity (Ikhlaas) for the one worshipped. Ibn al-Qayyim – ‘Tahdeeb al-Madrij’ 68 2- Sincerity for Allaah is that a person’s intent is for Allaah and [...]

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admin on November 29th, 2007

11 – On the authority of Abu Huraira –RadhiAllaahu anhu-, the Prophet – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- had placed Abu Huraira to look after the charity, some one came to him to take from the charity – and this person came night after night, so on the third night Abu Huraira said to him: I [...]

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