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As I board the plane, I look out the window, getting ready for the ride of a lifetime. I know there is something different about this time. For some reason everyone is looking at me, thinking I am different, thinking that I am “the weird one”. I have a window seat; the seat gives a [...]

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An amazing story that’s bound to give you chills…… It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “On the night on which I was taken on the Night Journey (Isra’), a beautiful fragrance came to me. I [...]

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shyness….self-respect….bashfulness….shame….honor….humility….bashfulness…. constraint….coyness….decency….delicacy….demureness….diffidence….discreetness…. humbleness….humility….inhibition….innocence….meekness….purity….quietness….reserve simplicity….timidity….virtuous. The Prophet said, “Faith consists of more than sixty branches. And Haya is a part of faith.” (Bukhari) Narrated on the authority of Anas bin Malik, the Prophet said: When lewdness is a part of anything, it becomes defective; and when haya is a part of anything it becomes beautiful. (Tirmidhi) [...]

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Thalaba Ibn AbdulRahman was a young man at the age of 16. He always ran errands for the prophet pbuh. One day while walking though the city of Medina, he passed by a house with an open door. Out of curiosity he took a glance inside. In this glance, he saw a light curtain being [...]

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written by Alikhlas: I have a dream that one day the Sunnah will be followed to its fullestthat everyone will recognize its importance, and the peace that one recieves from obeying the Messengerthat the amazing solitude and sincerety that encompasses one in the obedience of their Rabbwill be known to every Creation,and availed by each [...]

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It’s easy to get swept into this society’s norms In a World of “After you” and “Ladies first” All wrongs seem to come at you in the right forms. In a World of “After you” and “Ladies first” In a world where girls and guys can intermingle In a world where it’s a virtue to [...]

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