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11 – On the authority of Abu Huraira –RadhiAllaahu anhu-, the Prophet – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- had placed Abu Huraira to look after the charity, some one came to him to take from the charity – and this person came night after night, so on the third night Abu Huraira said to him: I [...]

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“There are ten useless matters that cannot be benefited from:• Knowledge that is not implemented• An action that is empty of sincerity, and is not based on the correct example• Wealth that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it during this life, nor obtains any reward for it in the Hereafter• The heart that [...]

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“…They were youths, yet mature youths, their eyes fresh and free of evil, their feet refrained from approaching falsehood and futility. They sacrificed and expended themselves in worship and in withholding themselves from sleep. They sold their souls which were to pass away for souls which would never die. Allaah saw them in the latter [...]

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