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’till the cloud weeps, how should the garden smile? the weeping of the cloud and the burning of the sun are the pillars of this world: twist these two strands together. Since the searing heat of the sun and the moisture of the clouds keep the world fresh and sweet, keep the sun of your [...]

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” Allah turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one. ” -Rumi

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admin on April 24th, 2011

“what if Your blessings come through raindrops What if Your healing comes through tears And what if a thousand sleepless nights Are what it takes to know You’re near What if my greatest disappointments Or the aching of this life Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy And what if trials [...]

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admin on April 23rd, 2011

“If you see Allah, Mighty and Magnificent, holding back this world from you, frequently trying you with adversity and tribulation, know that you hold a great status with Him. Know that He is dealing with you as He does with His Awliya’ and chosen elite, and is watching over you, have you not heard His [...]

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admin on April 19th, 2011

Amazing Du`a….via Marya Bangee via Heba Alhaddad O Allah; Enlighten what is dark in me, Strengthen what is weak in me, Mend what is broken in me, Bind what is bruised in me, Heal what is sick in me, Straighten what is crooked in me, and Revive whatever Peace and Love has died in me. [...]

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“I trust in Allah. I trust that He will never abandon me. I trust that He will be my light in the darkest of nights. When there is no wind to guide my sail, Allah will send me where I need to be. In the most desolate of earth’s patches, I will not be alone–solitude [...]

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-Picture taken @ Castle Rock State Park in California

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