admin on April 6th, 2007

written by Alikhlas:

I have a dream that one day the Sunnah will be followed to its fullest
that everyone will recognize its importance, and the peace that one recieves from obeying the Messenger
that the amazing solitude and sincerety that encompasses one in the obedience of their Rabb
will be known to every Creation,
and availed by each Believer

I have a dream that one day Jannat al Firdaus will be the top of the agenda
that everyone will strive for excellence in their Deen
and allow satifsfaction of the Dunya to fall into place,
without fretting over the minute details of secular perfection
that we will finally realize the reality of the Hereafter
and aspire to secure our Ultimate Future

I have a dream that one day Islam will be the subject on everyone’s mind
that everyone will run to places where knowledge is gained
and desire to create places where knowledge is spread

I have a dream that my ideas will become reality one day
that we will follow the Sunnah in more ways than one..
with full heart, mind, and soul
that we will surround ourselves with company that we want to be raised up with on the Day of Judgment
because That Day is one Truth
that we MUST face
and work towards

otherwise, destruction will truly be ours we struggle to cross al Sirat
and call out to those whom we only mocked
and judged as incompetent
“Help us! Surely we have wronged ourselves”
and we will fall straight into the Fire
wherein we shall dwell forever