admin on August 9th, 2009

Walking up the mountain on that clear and flawless path, I cant help but notice the dark trees and bushes at my sides. It harms me, but only when I lose focus of my goal, the peak of that blessed mountain. Sometimes, when I focus too hard, trying to figure out what the people in the bushes are doing, I stumble almost falling into the bushes themselves. Sometimes harmless, sometimes extremely painful, after I fall I have to brush off my knees, take a deep sometimes painful breath, and get back onto that cool and unwinding path. As long as I have my light with me its easy to stay on that path. But sometimes…carelessly..i forget to add fuel to my lamp. Although I know eventually it will run out..I keep putting it off..saying tomorrow…I shall add the feul..tomorrow. Too bad many times I leave my lamp till it is barely glowing..barely showing anything..and that is when the fall hurts the most. I get caught deep inside the bushes…with arms flailing..heart beating…mouth screaming…no one there to help me out–nothing there to grab on to and I simply cry out to Allah asking Him for his aide. I have to roll around…crawling on my hands and knees trying to find something…anything..that will make my lamp begin to work. When I find it, and so far I always have, I start kindling the fire inside my lamp..promising myself that I will never again be so careless..never again put anything off the way I did. Once the lamp is on..glowing steadily..I begin to walk through the forest of bushes…looking around every corner for my beloved path way. I can smell its beautiful fragrance..feel its serene calmness…and that is what keeps me going. When I reach it, I wish to just lay there for a few minutes sucking in the sweet oder and pressing the cold ground against my warm-shameful face…but i know i cant. I know that if I stop moving forward…stop climbing hire, I will surely stumble backwards…perhaps even find myself in a fast tumble to the bottom where I started my journey. I always have to go up…move forward..and pray to Allah that I make it to the top.