admin on September 21st, 2009

Our beloved is now officially behind us, but hopefully, its effects are still around us. Each year there are many things we can learn from Ramadan, we just have to open our eyes and take a moment to see that which lies in front of us. Of these many things, Ramadan has taught us to be thankful. To realize that we are feeling these pain of hunger out of ibadaah and ta’ah (obedience) to Allah, but at the same time, these hunger pains are real. We had the chance to realize that these pains that we felt for ONE ENTIRE MONTH, are felt around the world by other people throughout the year. There are people struggling to keep their families fed, to keep their children under a roof, to live what we consider to be a normal life. Our “out of the ordinary”-one month-routine is a “throughout the year”-reality for countless human beings on the face of this earth. Many of them our brothers and sisters. Many of them within our own reach.

Alhamdulilah, Ramadan taught us, not only, how it feels to be one of those less fortunate people who do feel these pains of hunger, but ALSO how to be a solution to that problem. How did it show us this? Zakatul Fitr. We felt the pains of being of the needy and also the solution to the same issue we were similating. Imagine, all the money that was collected this Ramadan is going out to help out brothers and sisters, to feed our brothers and sisters.

But should it stop there? Should we only care about the hunger pains of others when we ourselves are going through those pains? What about when we no longer feel that pain? When we are eating throughout the day, grabbing $3.00 cups of coffee and $6.00 sandwhiches. What then? Are we playing the out of sight, out of mind card? Even if we are, they are still there…still needing our help.

This is just a reminder, to myself first, that we should continue in this ajr-ful act of giving Sadaqah throughout the year, helping others aquire the things they need. No Sadaqah is too small, every little bit makes a difference. Not only that but we should encourage others to do this as well! One of the best ways of encouraging, is leading by example.

a beautiful example is one led by “Babba Ali”–check out the video below:

If you have ever given Sadaqah/heard of an awesome sadaqah story please share it at so that you can help encourage muslims all over the world to do the same!

Let’s prove to Allah that we care for the needy, even after Ramadan.

و آخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين