admin on October 30th, 2009
There is a hadeeth, by the Prophet alayhis-salaam, which speaks of the believer. The Prophet says that the believer is like a bee. But the issue is how? How can we BE like BEES? why would we WANT to be like bees?

A bee does not work only for itself. A bee truly wants for its brother bee, what it wants for itself. When a bee goes to a flower, and finds that this flower is of use, it leaves a mark. This mark is placed their so other bees can stop searching for top quality flowers and go to the flower wish has already been deemed usable. The bee also, would beyond a doubt sacrifice itself for the betterment of the group. many times they go and sting, killing themselves, to protect the hive from any potential harm. These are something we should take from the bee. We should stop having the world revolve around ourselves and start caring about others. We should start wanting for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves.

A bee also, does things, whether or not someone is watching. The bee does it for himself. A bee will make honey whether or not someone is watching. A man conducted a study in which he built a building around the bees kingdom. this building was made of clear glass. The bees began to build their hive on this glass, and they never quit until they had completely covered it. Why did they do this? because the do not like having their hive open for the world to see. This is another thing we should take from the bee. Take a moment and ask yourself…do you act the same when you are in private as you do when you are in public? Do you do more good deeds in public because you know people are watching? If so, take it from the bee, and become like the bee.

A bee is  hardworking, and it is said that to produce honey it takes 500,000 trips back and forth to the flower. this is traveling the multitude of traveling the ENTIRE earth. Although the bee is hardworking, there are things which can slow this bee down. When a bee smells smoke, its production becomes very slow, even sometimes stopping. When a bee is near fire, it also becomes very slow. This is the same with the believer. There are times when we have a smokey cloud of sin which slows down our productiveness in obeying our rabb. just like the bee, the only way to get back on track, is to get away from this smokey cloud of sin.

Lastly, a bee is always around good things. When you go to a smelly trash can, filled with filth, around it you see flies. When you go to the sweetest smelling flower, you see bees. This is what we should be like as well. We should scurry away from sin, and go and join in the sweet smelling deeds which will make our akhira that much better.

Notes taken after a halaqa with Shaikh Isaam Rajab, Hafidhahullah.

و الحمد لله رب العالمين