admin on November 6th, 2009

Riding in the car the other day, with a few of my good friends, we got to talking about our state. Not the state of the world…not the state of our Ummah…but our personal states. Where are we Emaan wise? How should we get better?

I got to thinking about a principle (well I have decided its a principle) of life. It is what I like to call Stagnation brings Slide-ation. (This also has to do with what was spoken about >>here<< )

Whenever we are comfortable withourselves and stop trying to grow…stop trying to make it higher in emaan levels…in good deeds…we dont stay put. We begin to slide. Slide backwards that is. When we stop reading…stop learning….stop IMPLEMENTING new things….we lose focus and those deeds that we had down Oh-So-Well begin to fade and become strange to us.

When we stop trying to perfect our sunnah—our fard becomes weak.

When we stop trying to increase our knowledge—what we already know begins to fade.

When we stop trying to improve our Akhlaq—The small ammounts of good Akhlaq that we do have seem to vanish.

All in all…we have to constantly remember…STAGNATION BRINGS SLIDE-ATION.