admin on November 30th, 2009

We pray…every single day… at least five times a day…but what is prayer? If you could describe it…what would it be?

I came across the most amazing description of prayer that will make you want to jump and do sajdah right after you read it! Allah has blessed us with the obligation of prayer.

Sulaiman Nadwi said:

What is Salaah? It is the expression of devotedness by the created to his Creator with His whole being i.e., heart, tongue, feet and hands; it is the rememberance of the Most merciful and the Most Gracious; it is the thanksgiving for his limitless favors; it is the praise and adoration for the eternal beauty of His creation and acknowledgement of His Unity and Greatness; it is the communication of soul with the Beloved Lord; it is the complete obeisance by body and soul to the Master; it is the dedication of one’s internal feelings; it is the natural music of one’s heart-string; it is the tie of relationship between the Creator and the created and the latter’s strong bond of devotedness; it is the comfort for the agitated and uneasy mind; it is the solace for the restless soul;  it is the remedy for the hopeless heart; it is the natural internal call of a receptive and sensitive mind; it is the purpose of life and the essence of existence.

wa Alhamdulilahi ala ni’mat Al-Islam.