admin on December 24th, 2009

I want to change the world–with my own two hands

Grab hold of all the problems and erase them from all the lands

I want to go wipe the tears off of every girls cheek

Find a way to brighten up–every persons week

Make sure everyone feels loved, and no ones left behind

Teach the oppressors and transgressors how to love and to be kind

This world is filled with horrors that make me choke on my own tears

People hating and filling other people’s lives with fear

Families fighting and cutting off ties–with people they once loved

For money they never owned trying to solve problems that cant be solved

A person dies and leaves behind a fortune to spent

And before the tears of his kin can dry, they’ve already planned how it should be spent

They want money that was never there–never given to them at all

Causing arguments and physical fights–causing once strong families–to completely fall

I wish I could pay the debt, of every muslim alive today

Work like crazy? Find donations? I just want to find a way

Take away the sorrows of the people here on earth

And ensure they wont be punish for it when they are under dirt

But what is it that little I can do to change the condition

Of this ummah and the way we make crazy partitions

I just shake my head, and try to plan–to take the means I can

And make dua to Allah to put peace throughout the land

Little girl who’s daddy dies–leaves her shaking in her boots

My daddies gone, the only tie I had to my roots

Mother sitting by the bed, where her child once slept

Now he is gone and wont come back–no matter how much she wept

People killing–people screaming—people ruining each others lives

People mourning, people crying, letting out pain with every sigh

Makes me wonder how it will feel to be in a place with out pain

Where everyone–every where is completely and utterly sane

But I guess I wont find out…at least not any time soon

As that’s what jannah is for, and I pray that’s where I can spend my afternoons.