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حدثني ‏ ‏عبيد الله بن سعيد ‏ ‏وإسحق بن منصور ‏ ‏كلاهما ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏روح ‏ ‏قال ‏ ‏عبيد الله ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏روح بن عبادة القيسي ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏ابن جريج ‏ ‏قال أخبرني ‏ ‏أبو الزبير ‏ ‏أنه سمع ‏ ‏جابر بن عبد الله ‏
‏يسأل عن الورود فقال ‏ ‏نجيء نحن يوم القيامة عن كذا وكذا انظر أي ذلك فوق الناس قال ‏ ‏فتدعى الأمم بأوثانها وما كانت تعبد الأول فالأول ثم يأتينا ربنا بعد ذلك فيقول من تنظرون فيقولون ننظر ربنا فيقول أنا ربكم فيقولون حتى ننظر إليك ‏ ‏فيتجلى لهم يضحك قال فينطلق بهم ويتبعونه ويعطى كل إنسان منهم منافق أو مؤمن نورا ثم يتبعونه وعلى جسر جهنم ‏ ‏كلاليب ‏ ‏وحسك ‏ ‏تأخذ من شاء الله ثم يطفأ نور المنافقين ثم ينجو المؤمنون ‏ ‏فتنجو أول ‏ ‏زمرة ‏ ‏وجوههم كالقمر ليلة البدر سبعون ألفا لا يحاسبون ثم الذين يلونهم ‏ ‏كأضوإ نجم في السماء ثم كذلك ثم تحل الشفاعة ويشفعون حتى يخرج من النار من قال لا إله إلا الله وكان في قلبه من الخير ما يزن شعيرة فيجعلون بفناء الجنة ويجعل أهل الجنة يرشون عليهم الماء حتى ينبتوا نبات الشيء في السيل ويذهب حراقه ثم يسأل حتى تجعل له الدنيا وعشرة أمثالها معها

Jabir bin ‘Abdullah’s Hadith, may Allah be pleased with them.
Abu Al-Zubair reported that Jabir bin ‘Abdullah was asked about the Advent (of people on the Day of Resurrection). He said: We would come on the Day of Resurrection like this, like this, and see, carefully, that which concerns elevated people. He (the narrator) said: Then the people would be summoned along with their idols whom they worshipped, one after another. Then our Lord would come to us and say: Whom are you waiting for? they would say: We are waiting for our Lord. He would say: I am your Lord. They would say: (We are not sure) till we gaze at You. And He would manifest Himself to them smilingly, and would go along with them and they would follow Him; and every person, whether a hypocrite or a believer, would be endowed with a light, and there would be spikes and hooks on the bridge of Hell, which would catch hold of those whom Allah willed. Then the light of the hypocrites would be extinguished, and the believers would secure salvation, and the first group to achieve salvation would comprise seventy thousand men who would have the brightness of full moon on their faces, and they would not be called to account. Then the people immediately following them would have their faces as the brightest stars in the heaven. This is how (the groups would follow one after another). Then the stage of intercession would come, and they (who are permitted to intercede) would intercede, till he who had declared: “There is no god but Allah” and had in his heart virtue of the weigh of a barley grain would come out of the Fire. They would be then brought in the courtyard of Paradise and the inhabitants of Paradise would begin to sprinkle water over them till they would sprout like the sprouting of a thing in flood water, and their burns would disappear. They would ask their Lord till they would be granted (the bounties) of the world and with it ten folds more besides it. (sahih muslim 278)