admin on September 9th, 2007

Had a rough day? Been unhappy lately? What about them:

Think Your job is tough? What about his:

Think your salary is low? Now think about her:

Do you think studying is a burden? What about her:

When you feel like giving up….think of this man:

Do you think you suffer through life? Do you suffer such as he does:

Do you complain about your transportation system? Think of them:

Is society unfair to you? What about this woman:

ladysad.jpg picture by froggyluv886

That’s Life for you. Allah has given us so much, yet still we find ourselves caught up in a ‘my life stinks’ mentality. What if you were in any one of these people’s places? Would you then think that the current situation you are in ‘stinks’?

May Allah increase us in gratitude to Him. May He make us content with what we have. May He make us crave the Hereafter. May He enter us into the paradise under which rivers flow.