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I was reading a book (The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge by Shaykh Bakr Aboo Zayd) and came across a few interesting points. This is basically my summary of what I read…so if there are mistakes it is most likely my fault.

Beautify Yourself With the Fear of Allah

Imaam Ahmad, rahimahullah, said: ” The foundation of knowledge is the fear of Allah, the Most High.”

Fear Allah openly and in secret. The best of all people are those who truly fear Allah and no one truly fears Allah except a knowledgeable person, therefore–the best of all people is a scholar. A scholar, however IS NOT A SCHOLAR, unless he acts upon his knowledge. No scholar implements his knowledge except that it earns him the fear of Allah.

Ali Ibn Abi taalib said: “Knowledge calls for action, so either the call is answered or [knowledge] will take off.”

Continual Observance [of Allah]

Journey,constantly, between fear and hope in Allah–as these two are like the two wings of a bird for the Muslim.

Advance to Allah with your whole being, allow your heart to be filled with love of Him, and your tongue with his remembrance, and rejoice. Be happy with His rulings and His wisdom.

Put Arrogance and Pride Behind You

Adorn yourself with proper personal etiquette. This includes:

  • patience
  • humbleness
  • tranquility
  • bear the humility of learning
  • show humility in the face of truth
  • beware of all qualities that oppose the above

If we have any qualities that go against the above, then it is a sign that we have been prevented from benefiting from our knowledge–and of practicing it.

Beware of being haughty as it is hypocrisy and pride– and the salaf were cautious of it.

Imaam Ad-Dhahabi narrated that when Amr ibn Al-Aswad Al-Ansee “was leaving the masjid he took his left hand with his right, so when he was asked about this he replied ‘out of fear that my hand will make a gesture of hypocrisy.’ I say (i.e Ad-Dhahabi said): ‘He held it out of fear that his hand would swing [in a manner that indicates pride]; for such an action is considered haughtiness.’ ” and this reaction of Al-Ansee happened unconsciously.

Beware of any kind of pride within ones-self, as pride and jealousy are the first sins that Allah was disobeyed with.

“Knowledge wars against the lofty youth, Just as flood attacks the high place”

So let us humble ourselves. swallow our pride. control ourselves when we lean towards haughtiness, arrogance, or the love of being noticed.

If you haven’t already seen this, check out Br. Noman’s lecture on Islam and Ego.

May Allah cause us to be of those who fear Him, of those who continually observe Him, and of those who put Arrogance and Pride behind us.

و الحمد لله رب العالمين