admin on June 24th, 2010

Amazing piece of advice taken directly from a talk that Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson gave the 2010 RIS Convention.

“Please Brothers and Sisters, have some mercy on your scholars, your imams,
your activists–Brothers and Sisters. You have no idea of some of the
pressures they are under. You have no idea how thinly they are spread. You
have no idea of what they have to confront on a daily basis. They have to
confront you, as the Muslims—they have to confront the non Muslims. They’re
away from their families. They have families too—they have children too—they
have pressures too, and they need your support. And if you can’t agree with
them—fine—at least make dua for them. Make dua for their families. […]keep
them in your prayers. Pray that Allah protects their families in their
absence. Pray that Allah not allow the pressures of trying to contribute to
this ummah not be enough to rip their families apart. Please brothers and
sisters, pray for your leaders, prayer for your imams, pray for your
scholars—and don’t forget them in your dua.”