admin on February 28th, 2011

At an exceptionally good ussra session (spiritual gathering of very close sisters) we found ourselves deep in conversation talking about self worth and emotional attachments–with a hint of emotional roller coasters. The overall message was clear. Every day we live life going through unneeded emotions that keep us high strung and serve as a barrier between ourselves and happiness.

And much of the time it boils down to self-worth.

We decided we’d give something a shot…psycho rambling that, naturally, I encouraged. Each and every time we feel upset, feel uncomfortable in our own skin, or feel like we are uselessly hopeless–we’d stop…take a moment and analyze why we were feeling that way. And if it so happened that it was because we were allowing others to determine our self-worth–if we felt we deserved more than what we were getting–or anything of the sort…we would proceed to the psycho rambling ‘My self-worth is not based on anything other than my relationship with The Creator.

I’ve been doing this for a week and already my life is just a tad bit brighter, wa Alhamdulilah.