admin on June 21st, 2011

A lesson learned while watching Criminal Minds:
One of the Characters, Dr. Reid (24 years old), in an effort to save others finds himself in a horribly painful position and ends up getting hurt himself, nearing death. Later he is unable to shake the memories of the pain that he went through only trying to do something good. Here’s the convo that goes down:

Morgan: “It’s called empathy. And it’s a good thing.”
Reid: “It’s not. It’s got me all messed up. I don’t know how to focus, I can’t do my job as well. So, what do I do?”
Morgan: “You use it. Let it make you a better profiler. A better person.”
Reid: “A better person…”

The thought that came to mind is…when we feel hurt, pain, broken, betrayed…whatever it be and just cant forget those feelings…sometimes we think..’how am i supposed to live this way? What am i supposed to do with this hurt..’…and the answer is there: Use It. Use it to become a better person….Use it…to become a better Muslim.