admin on July 17th, 2011

“Ibn Al Qayyim said that there are some sins that can only be removed through depression.

You can numb the souls anguish…you can busy yourself..but you cannot remove the anguish of the soul without going through the correct means. People try to escape from reality. All they are trying to do is numb the pain of existence. Existence is painful because you are not fulfilling your function. Anytime anything in the body is not fulfilling its function what is the sign that you should go to the doctor? Pain. If you feel pain in your liver, you go to the doctor and he tells you, you’ve got hepatitis. That pain was to let you know that that function has been disrupted. The same thing for the soul, if you are not fulfilling your function then your heart will feel pain—and that’s a gift from Allah! Just like the pain that you feel that notifies you to go to the doctor is a blessing—because if you didn’t have it then you would never know to go to the doctor and rot internally. If you have a headache and you take tylenol, you are not fixing anything you are just suppressing the symptom. So if you are sick in the soul and you preoccupy yourself to forget then you aren’t fixing anything…you are just creating thulumat over thulumat (darkness over darkness). That’s what happens to people.” – HY