admin on October 18th, 2011


“[...] We have been thrown over-ship
to the sharks.
But it was only at that moment we turned
with every face towards you

And experienced true Iman.
Before that our prayers were not to you solely
but to many scattered
thought idols
Our long hopes
were the shirk of relying on other

forms whose only existence
was as emanations from
your Eminence. Creations
of Your Endlessness

The idol of eloquence
for self indulgences. I worshiped
in ignorance.
Your Beneficence….

Protect me from my sworn nemisis
and the self between
my two sides
where the venom sits
All that I turned
to at that moment was of no benefit
Yet through my foolishness
you showed me truth exists
and the proof is this feeling. Hearts eternally kneeling

[...]” – Baraka