admin on November 7th, 2008


We were walking, a friend and I, through Town Center, when I heard the voice of a woman yelling angry words. I turned around and found she was looking dead at us. Only then did I register what she was saying.




Funny, did she think I was under the impression that I was walking the streets of Saudie Arabia? She caught me a bit off guard, but I replied to her none the less.

“I know! But in Texas we have freedom and so I CAN choose to wear this!”


      The conversation, after this, just disintegrated and it was quite clear that she had no idea what she was talking about, but these words (although she wasn’t muslim) made something click in my brain…So many times when wearing Hijab/Abaya/Jilabab/ Niqab Muslims are the ones who attack me. DON’T YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN AMERICA…or…IF YOU WANT TO DRESS THAT WAY YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER COME HERE…and variations of this. SubhanAllah, what I don’t think they understand is that  I  am the one who is actually living  the ‘true American spirit’. I am the one being ‘truly American’. America is the land of the free, home of the brave. If you don’t want to be brave, if you don’t want to be free, then why come here in the first place?


      In general we have no excuse to obey a CREATION over the CREATOR, much less in America! Why then will we conform to their way of dress, their way of work, their way of socializing (!!) when we don’t even “have” to?! Living in America is not about fitting in, nor is it about hiding what you believe, its about being you.


      All throughout elementary school we are taught about how the “forefathers” of this country fought for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and unalienable rights. This is not something  we should be proud of, at least not in this day and age. No longer does anyone care about what these people fought for unless they are giving it some simple lip service. If what an American looks like can be defined, then you should know that the original American figure has been destroyed.


      Its about time that Muslims all around America WAKE UP and realize what they are doing. They should realize what they have and what exactly they are losing.  Muslims all around America should try to be American. What is being American? It isn’t dressing up like Halle Berry trying to hide your accent. It isn’t only praying Dhuhr when no one will see you, so they don’t end up asking you what you are doing. It isn’t being apologetic about what Islam says and what Muslims should do. It isn’t being “typical” by day and Muslim by night.


 Being American, is being YOU.