admin on December 31st, 2008

I’ve disappointed myself one too many times in my lifetime. Going for the gold, reaching half way, then giving up as if it nothing…as if it isn’t worth it. Each time I do this, I’m left staring at my pitiful reflection in the mirror saying “What the heck is my problem?” What is it that Im not understanding? Why do I not see Hell-fire in front of me? Why is it that I am so certain, when I’m doing these things, that I’m going to Jannah…Justifying my idiosyncrasies with excuses galore. Yea, yea, everyone gets tested…but me…I seem to fail every test….and every morning I have to stare myself in the face, knowing what lies behind those eyes, and the turmoil that has taken over my heart.

Shaikh Waleed Basyouni beautifully covered dealing with mistakes at the recent convention, Texas Dawah. He began by covering the reasons we commit sins:

  1. Ignorance: We don’t realize the dangers of disobeying the creator.
    1. Don’t ever look at the smallness of the sin, rather realize the magnitude of the one you are sinning against.
  2. Following our desires
  3. “Time Zone” Mistake
    1. Ex: I only do this mistake if I stay up late at night or every summer I make this mistake
    2. One must realize the “TimeZone” That causes this mistake and work hard to stop it at that time
  4. Location Mistakes
    1. Mistakes that only occur in a certain place
  5. Companion mistakes
    1. Mistakes that occur only when you hang out with a certain “Fulan”.

The worst of all types of sinners is the one who sins openly.

When you commit a sin the following MUST be done:

  1. Admit your mistake
  2. Repent to Allah
  4. Be Serious about seeking change
  5. Always realize the result of the sin
  6. Don’t be a candle–Giving light to others and burning yourself

Relationships with sinners:

  1. Realize there are levels
  2. Realize there is a difference between those who sin out of habit and those who commit a sin for the first time
  3. If you want to fix someone be sure to have the right intentions
  4. Don’t be a Mistake Hunter
  5. Differentiate between the sin and the sin comitter
  6. Differentiate between “Fidee7ah” and “Naseehah”. Meaning when giving Naseehah (advice) don’t make it a Fidee7ah (embarrasment on the one being corrected).
  7. Realize that age difference should play a role in Naseeha
  8. Don’t exagerate people’s mistakes
    1. Whoever says the whole of someone/somepeople is corrupted either he is the most corrupt or will corrupt them.
  9. When you see someone committing a mistake cover them and give them Naseehah as well as make dua for them.
    1. Help your brother AGAINST the shaytaan. Don’t help shaytaan against your brother.

10. Don’t try too hard to prove your brother wrong

11. Try to offer alternatives

In the end we all learn that: “A doctor is not a doctor because she claimed to be. A surgeon isnt a surgeon because she said she’s good with her hands. A teacher isnt a teacher because she said ‘I can Teach”. They first have to take a series of exams. And everyone doesnt pass. “Do men think they’ll be left alone on saying, ‘We Believe’ and that they will not be tested?”

May Allah cause us to be of those who see our mistakes and fix them…and of those who see anothers mistake and helps them through it. May Allah grant us Jannah…Al-Firdows Al Alaa of course.