admin on January 29th, 2009

The moment it comes crashing down

With force that can makes me scream

The moment that I realize

Dunya was the root of my every dream

Intentions wasted on the un-worthy

Deeds done with little thought

Clinging to life and all its glory

Forgetting about a time when my body will rot

Standing before my Lord, what will I say?

Simply That I was trying to have fun?

Standing before my Lord, what will I do?

Other than sweat underneath the near by sun!

I want to put it all to an end

Want to stop falling in love with the glitter

I want make it all stop

Want to work purely for Allah and be better

Only with Allahs guidance will this be attained

As my nafs will only lead me astray

I need to pray to Him to guide me now

Before its too late and we have reached that final day.

May Allah not let us get distracted by the glitter and glamour of this life and guide us to the path that pleases him.