admin on June 7th, 2009

Allahu Akbar- Put it all behind you

as you stand before your lord

Allahu Akbar- He is the greatest

concentrate and and I guarantee you’ll never get bored

Bow your head in humility

take it slow there is no rush

fives times a day you ask for his mercy

so on that day He’ll give you such.

It’s a divine link, between you and Him

a genuine blessing we have been given

A divine link, five times a day

with a  promise that you will be forgiven

We do so much haraam, throughout our lives

living life as if it were some country song

so much wrong that WILL catch up with us

if our link is not that strong

An oppurtunity to get it erased

obliterated into thin air

completely gone and wiped away

so on that day we will not be the ones in dispair

So hold tight to your prayers, oh my muslim friend

and do it correctly with patience and daily you must repeat

hold tight to it, now and forever

so inshaAllah, you will never have to face that heat